Existential issues got you down?

Life is always challenging us to look at ourselves and the Universe more deeply. What if you are just a few questions away from your higher potential? Would you like to create a better life for yourself and build a better world? Dear Universe™ is an exploration of the universal mind, body, and spirit for the awakening heart.

Purpose: The purpose of this website is to assist humanity in the shift from separation to unity consciousness. Humanity has reached a watershed moment where we must re-examine every belief and value for sustainability. As the path to peace begins as an inner journey, it is through inquiry you begin to realize your true value and who you really are. Reconnected to the heart, your purpose is revealed, bringing deeper meaning to your life.

Begin Again: It’s never too late to ask questions and never too late to learn. Share your own experiences. Discuss creative solutions to life’s toughest challenges that we all share on deeply personal and social levels.

Honor: We are a respectful global community exploring our inner genius one idea at a time. Respect, courtesy, and positivity are welcome. Please ask one question at a time. Reader comments and discussion are welcome. If you need further clarification or would like to ask a follow-up question, please ask the Universe a new question. A keyword search will show if your question has already been asked.

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We are a respectful global community of universal humans exploring the shift from separation to unity consciousness.