Dear Universe: Another shooting. Why is this happening? Are guns the problem? ~ Terry, Canada

Dear Terry: Continual mass shootings by individuals are a symptom of a society that is not well as a whole. The micro or individual is part of the whole or macro, and vice versa. The weapon of choice will generally happen to be the most accessible and most popular one available within that culture during that historical time period. In Rwanda, it was the machete. Banning guns or machetes is treating the symptom rather than the problem–an imbalance of body, mind, spirit on the collective level. However, when multiple individuals are having a problem controlling themselves due to mental illness, destructive ideology that is unsustainable and it’s threatening the general populace, for its own protection, society does need to evaluate if the keys to its own self-destruction are too accessible. Addressing the imbalance, it is part of humanity’s struggle to move to joyful living that can’t be found through materialism. It’s derived from the realization of who you are and our inherent Oneness. Who you are is bigger than your body. You are a miracle! Once realized, all work is directed toward “we,” personal sacrifice not required because you ARE we. What you do for another, you do for yourself. Living and working together cooperatively becomes humanity’s new WHY rather than personal gain at the expense of others. — The Universe


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