Dear Universe: I saw in the news the military’s recently declassified footage of UFOs being tracked over the ocean. They said the program to investigate such phenomenon ended which is why they are revealing it to the public. I have two questions. Are there aliens? And why have governments around the world been covering it up mostly until recently? ~ Frank, Newport, CA

Dear Frank: Life exists on every plane of every dimension. There is no place life does not exist. To think that life forms don’t exist beyond the third dimension–or the next eight science is becoming aware of–is a limitation of intelligence, not reality. Governments are a reflection of the people and vice versa as a feedback loop. Government has kept mostly silent because the people are mostly silent about it.  It’s a level of consciousness. As consciousness expands past egocentrism, you’ll suddenly notice everyone is talking about it, including government. When one is consciously open to all the wonders of our magnificent Universe, daily life is awe-inspiring and exciting. Personal problems disappear as you seek to unite with your neighbors to create a beautiful world.