Dear Universe: How can I attract to my life like-minded people? I am positive, inquisitive, health conscious, runner, love books, fun, laughter, love inspiring people, who love self-development. I’d like very much to attract people with similar interests to me. ~ Liana

Dear Liana: It’s amazing to realize that all levels of consciousness exist within you simultaneously. Macro-ly, this means you will continue to be surrounded by a full spectrum of consciousness (like a rainbow), your level (heart) always expanding and contracting as you interact with people. It’s a feedback loop. As you interact with people with an open heart, you will naturally bring out higher states of consciousness in them, and they will strive to match you. But also, do spend time in health food stores, local bookstores, yoga studios, book clubs, farmer’s markets, etc. where you can readily find people with similar interests. No matter who you meet, your shining beacon of light will transfigure each interaction, so try not to prejudge. Just be the walking miracle you are!