Dear Universe: When will I become a millionaire? ~ Elle

Dear Elle: You and a million, perhaps billion, other people are asking the same question. As part of Creation’s infinite expression, some of you will become millionaires, some will never leave poverty, but the majority of that billion within the mean (average) of the bell curve will remain neither rich nor poor. It’s helpful to have information you can chew on on a few different levels as well as enough to relieve any suffering that arises with what you’re really asking, “Why do I feel separated from who I know I am deep down in my core as part of the abundant infinite?” As a multidimensional being, you already are a millionaire. Our interconnected world surrounding you is an extension of you. You exist as a millionaire in the first dimension (thought), when you say or write it, the second dimension (word), and even in your physical third dimension (deed) when you stop separating yourself from your abundance in any dimension. Of course, in higher dimensions, consciousness (you) sees how everything is connected and how you are abundance itself. To make a very long answer short, it’s a state of being. When you stop mentally separating yourself from anything you desire the illusion of separation disappears. Begin to think “I am abundant” and you’ll soon see how abundant your life already is without needing a million fake dollars in a fake bank account. When you begin to express gratitude for what is already present, then you’ve opened the floodgate to receiving, and the free stuff just keeps on coming! Be sure to keep the circle of life flowing by giving as much as you receive.



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