Dear Universe: I come from a family where everyone dies from cancer! I’m scared to death I’m next. I already have a cyst that I have to watch. Are we doing something wrong? What should I do? ~ Elizabeth, USA

Dear Elizabeth: The topic of cancer can be explored from both the physical and metaphysical levels. Let’s first provide you some care by relieving some of your fears through the power of knowledge and wisdom. It may be helpful to know that cancer is not a punishment of any kind. As Creation’s self-definition is infinite expression, it is simply another manifestation of the realm infinite possibility. When you observe genetic similarities throughout families, you are observing the fractal arrangement of Creation that is organized in self-similar patterns. In other words, think of how beautifully the scales of a fish are organized. Science is just beginning to understand that Creation evolves in such a way as to ensure its perpetuity. What this means for you is that humans eventually will evolve beyond cancer collectively and that individuals are doing it all the time. How? Through self-care. Not by skipping medical care, but by taking time each and every day to sit with the mind, body, and spirit for a check-up. How are you feeling? Are you rested? Is your mind at peace or turbulent? Are you feeding your body with healthy foods and exercise? Are you aware that you are a metaphysical (Spirit) being as well? Are you giving that part of you attention? If not, are you willing to make the changes necessary? Relaxation and rest from all stimulation through mindfulness and meditation are essential. When mind/body/spirit are in harmony, greater is one’s health. — The Universe



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