Dear Universe: I’ve tried many times to meditate. I try and I try. My mind actually gets busier, not quieter so what’s the point? ~ Kevin, USA

Dear Kevin: The Universe isn’t able to meditate either. 🙂 Energy continuously sails around the Universe at the speed of light. Meditation is not about eliminating thoughts. The goal is not to engage as thoughts aren’t yours to begin with. Scientifically, it’s moving energy that hits your vibrational energy field, merging with it to create a new energy form, what you call a thought. Allow thoughts to form at whatever speed they form. When you notice your mind starting to attach to the energy, return your attention to your rhythmic breathing, constricting the back of your throat slightly to create a deeper sound. Let go and relax back into gentle rhythmic breathing. Repeat this a few times or as long as necessary until you start to relax. Feel relaxation fill your being, staying with it as long as it lasts. End your meditation when you notice the relaxation period conclude. It doesn’t matter if it lasts two minutes or ten. The point is recognizing relaxation is present and that it is your natural state. No two meditation periods are the same. It helps to not have expectations when you sit in stillness but to simply allow. — The Universe


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