Dear Universe: How do we combat and educate the ongoing spread of ignorance within today’s society, especially in regard to those who still promote the acquisition of power through fear tactics, and the perpetuation of an “us versus them” dichotomy? ~ Tammy H.

Dear Tammy: Would it be helpful to first gain a sense of the dynamics in play in third-dimensional relativity? Thoughts are energy at varying levels of consciousness. A person is attracted to truth or untruth to the matching degree of individual consciousness. You cannot make someone see truth if it’s not within their capacity as you’ve no doubt experienced. First, on a local level, be a living example of truth by walking your talk. Your personal experience becomes another’s experience by proxy. Second, prime closed minds not by disseminating unrequested information, but by shining your light by asking questions. Questions prompt discussion, requiring the mind to crack open to the light of discovery. (Please reread the first sentence. 🙂 ) Questions also show you care and are willing to listen making others receptive to listening. Third, get as many people as possible asking questions until it goes all the way to the top. Ask darkness a question and it disappears in the light of your love.