Dear Universe: Okay, so I caught my co-worker is stealing. I don’t know if she knows I know. It started with office supplies and stamps, but now it’s messing with petty cash and bigger stuff. I could lose my job by not telling if they find out that I knew. Or I could make my own life miserable if anyone finds out I narced on her. Plus, I don’t want her to lose her job because she’s a single mom. How can I turn this thing around? ~ Caught Between

Dear Caught Between: Your friend is lost in the illusion of lack of abundance. Do what love would do. Anonymously gift your co-worker a gift card of whatever size you like with a note that reads, “You are dearly loved. Please accept this gift card for office supplies and stamps.” This accomplishes two things. First, you are being the change you wish to see in the world, leading by example. For your co-worker you are physically demonstrating she lives in an abundant world. The side benefit is that she now knows she’s been exposed to the light of higher consciousness and may finally reconsider lurking in the shadows. Be love and shine your little light!


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