Dear Universe: I’ve been reading Dear Universe. Why do you say Creation all the time? Is that your word for God? What about a personal God? ~ Sushi Girl, USA

Dear Sushi Girl: God is Creation–not as a separate intelligence, but as all of Creation. The loving and intelligent energy of God is imbued within all of Creation. There is no separation. Primitive man looked out into the world and saw everything as separate from him. The forces of Nature terrified him so that soon stories were made up that sacrifices were necessary to appease these forces or gods. Beyond primitive man’s control, these gods were seen as separate as well. Humanity’s cultural story, told across every religion and containing common elements, grew from there and continues to misinform humankind. The only real changes are that some of you have narrowed down Creation to a single, personal God while some believe a savior came and went and will come again. If one spends enough time in Nature and silent contemplation, the veil of separation is seen for what it is–a false belief–not an actuality. You then realize that you have the power within you to save yourself. You always did. Aren’t you amazing? — The Universe


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