Dear Universe: Do we choose our parents? As in, does the Soul choose the family it wants to incarnate? If so, How and is this connected to Karma? If not, then how does free will and self-responsibility play on this? ~ Lisa

Dear Lisa: That we choose our loved ones or our life path is an intoxicating one, allowing ego to chase itself down infinite rabbit holes. However, the notions of choice and free-will are illusory and rooted in separation consciousness that is literally a quality of the third dimension. The bigger picture within unity consciousness is that life is organized fractally from the micro to the macro according to levels of consciousness giving the appearance of karma. Sometimes like attracts and sometimes opposites attract, both keeping the Universe and all of Creation in perfect balance. But isn’t the individual part of the ONE cosmic family as a drop of water is part of the ocean? Self-responsibility is simply a level of consciousness able to experience the Universe from an expanded point of view rather than a limited egocentric one. You are able to transcend all “appearances” when you see all is interconnected, and the ripple effect you have on the entire Universe. Your love then becomes boundless and unconditional. You ARE the entire Universe.  Love is what you are!