Dear Universe: Does he love me? ~ Athena

Dear Athena: Your simply beautiful question represents the sum total of all human desire, and the motivation behind every action–positive or negative–the quest to be loved. On the earthly plane, we tend to grasp for love outside ourselves rather than experiencing perfect union with all that is that exists at the soul level of your being. When one struggles to feel loved, it’s truly only the mind struggling to remember. Once you reconnect in mind, body, and, spirit, then you will attract people into your life who openly express love rather than those also struggling to know themselves as love. Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are dearly loved by every being, every raindrop, and every star in the Universe. Firmly grounded in mind, body, and spirit, love will radiate from your heart center from within. You become the source of love itself, external proof no longer necessary.