Dear Universe: How can we be so advanced technologically yet still be arguing over Evolution vs. Creation? ~ Anonymous

Dear Anonymous: The debate would end if humanity understood that evolution is Creation in process. The two are not separate events. Humans are animals that have evolved complex prefrontal cortexes, the part of the brain that allows for a subjective conscious experience. A being’s degree of sentience or consciousness is related to how developed the prefrontal cortex is. That said, humans are also the product of a break in fractal symmetry in that there was a leap in evolution. Seven days is a metaphor for the seven dimensions of the physical world. There are more than three. You are still arguing because there is fear associated with the possibility that recorded human history does not match Earth history. If this is true, all cultural stories will dissolve into a giant question mark. Only the most evolved welcome such a prospect. Investigation into personal and collective belief systems are vital, as to adhere to any belief system too long is to impose limitation and delay evolution. What if you are delaying the next best version of yourself? — The Universe



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