Dear Universe: Do you think we should be spending money on exploring space and trying to go to Mars when half the world is still living in poverty? Won’t they just ruin that too? ~ Sonia, Ashville, NC

Dear Sonia: First, you’ll be amazed to know that humanity’s trajectory in mind, body, and spirit is beyond your wildest imagination! You will explore and establish settlements on other planets in your known Universe—it’s a given. Those individuals currently involved in the exploration of the Universe beyond Earth are beings that have already resolved their personal basic food, water, healthcare, education, and shelter needs. Should we limit their potential because of those lagging behind? There are enough people utilizing their inner genius to help the rest of humanity catch up that it’s fine for these individuals to move toward the stars. Life, creation, and evolution are spectral in nature, not binary. That said, all human activity generates positive and negative benefits that send ripple effects out into the Universe. So yes, under humanity’s current economic system rooted in separation consciousness, exploitation for profit will be involved. We all have our role in the play. If your heart leads you to apply your inner genius toward establishing a non-exploitive protocol for space exploration, you are free to do so.  — The Universe


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