Dear Universe: Nothing ever changes. The news is awful these days. Why is there so much suffering in the world and why doesn’t God do something about it? I don’t know if I really believe in God anymore. ~ John, USA

Dear John: God allows suffering in the world because you allow it. Most suffering is self-created or man-made, outside of natural disasters and death. You have a hand in all of it–yes, even in disasters and death–but that is more than most of humanity is capable of absorbing at this time. The amount one suffers is directly related to one’s level of consciousness. You will begin to perceive the heart of suffering when you understand its source: mankind’s belief in separation from Creation and one another. This is separation consciousness. It is humanity’s original “sin,” though it isn’t sin in the context some think. The belief in separation is a false belief, one made in error born out of ignorance. Separation is not the reality of life. All of Creation is interconnected, including God. God IS Creation itself. If one is ignorant of a truth, one can hardly be unworthy much less damnable. This should be of immense relief to you. If you were not a valued and necessary part of Creation, you would not be here! You are a living miracle. Why doesn’t God do something about the suffering in the world? Why don’t you do something about it? If all human social constructs are rooted in separation consciousness, what would the world look through a mind/body/spirit with an awakened heart? You’ll find these answers when you practice mindfulness and meditation on a daily basis. — The Universe


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