Dear Universe: I’m afraid about heart disease, coronary problems…I feel a lot of anxiety… ~ Anonymous, France

Dear Anonymous: A hurting or anxious heart is a grieving heart in a state of contraction. Your heart center is essentially your inner child. Located directly in the middle of the seven chakras, it connects the metaphysical world with the world of form. It’s also zero point of your toroidal energy field. We are born with wide open loving hearts, but if we’ve been hurt deeply, we may constrict the heart chakra in self-protection. A closed heart blocks your inner child from not only receiving love energy but also from giving it. Essentially, the flow of your toroidal energy field is hindered, which can give rise to your concerns. Your anxiety is your inner child letting you know there is a problem with your energy field. Your heart is literally asking you to service it. Your heart/inner child will tell you what it needs if you ask. In meditation, imagine your heart. What does it look like? Ask your heart how you can be of service to its highest potential. If the message you receive is that there is unresolved pain from your past, it’s time to face your sorrow, allowing yourself to feel it deeply and grieve so the energy passes on through. Picture your heart expanding. Peace is found within forgiveness. It may be helpful to know that if another person was involved, they acted out of ignorance. Please also make sure you continue to be under the care of a medical doctor if advised. — The Universe


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