Dear Universe: Would you say that human beings are inherently good or inherently bad?

Universe: Humans are neither inherently good nor inherently bad. Using adjectives of any kind rooted in narrowly defined relativity in itself is limiting. You were born neither good nor bad. But, if you must use a label, you were born good–pure and innocent. (There is a deeper explanation: as energetic resonance patterns, some lean more positive or negative as part of infinite expression.) As you learned to navigate your world, you learned to be fearful. Fear is the root of all evil, or more precisely, you are afraid because you believe you are separate from your power source and your environment. Fear is confusion working itself out–love being made. If you knew you ARE your power source and your environment, you would never be afraid again. Fear precipitates all kinds of behavior called bad. A primitive humanity blamed (still blames) an outside entity for your troubles calling it a devil or that fear-based behavior is evil (still an outside undefinable “entity”) rather than saying what it simply is–fear. Look out into nature. What is evil? Nothing. Scientifically, it is the positive/negative energy patterns (dualistic nature of the third dimension) that can be fueled by participating with it or seen for what it is through awareness granting the energy pattern no further power when you drop the behavior/thought processes. You are more powerful than you ever could have imagined!

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