Dear Universe: Some people seem so happy all the time. Other people are mean and hateful. I don’t know, I feel bad a lot of the time. What’s the deal? Are we born that way? ~ Elijah, WI, USA

Dear Elijah: It’s science and it’s love. The science will aid in letting go of guilt and shame so that you can begin to find peace through understanding. As a coalescent energy field, you contain both a positive and negative charge in every atom of your body. As you are inescapably affected by the cosmos’ shifting energy fields that you come in contact with, you are always fluctuating. Notice how you feel changes in your energy field even from hour to hour. Most of the time humans attach a story to it, but really energy levels are fluctuating at any given time, story or not. When you are more negative, you feel more dense, don’t you? When you are feeling happy, you feel lighter. In perfect balance, you feel neutral. Some people are naturally lighter; some are denser. In other words, their energy fields are more positive or more negative. Those with chronic depression have very dense energy fields. We do have the ability to play with our energy fields. Choosing positive thoughts over negative is a temporary change that leads to falling back to the predominant level we were born. The best way to permanently change our energy field, or let go of density is by dropping our attachment to personal stories and limiting beliefs. Rather, identify and connect with pure consciousness, our highest-energy form as love. You can transcend all polarity, literally expanding beyond your body because you are that, too. Step into pure consciousness through daily meditation and service to others–love in action. Meditation will also help you to become aware of, and let go of any personal thought/bodily habits that may be contributing to a low energy field, including addiction. Please seek professional help immediately, if you feel you’ve reached a point where you can’t take proactive steps to make the changes necessary toward realizing your true nature as love. Support exists all around you and is waiting to assist you if you but ask. — The Universe

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