Dear Universe: I quit life. I’ve worked my whole life to make my dreams comes true, and I’ve failed at everything I’ve ever done. I’ve worked hard, given it my all, and even made a fool of myself publicly because I had faith. ~ Frustrated Lizzie, USA

Dear Lizzie: This may not make you feel better at this moment. But, down the road, you will know it to be true because you lived it. In all of the Universe, there is no such thing as failure–ever. There is is only the belief in failure. All of Creation is conspiring for you to succeed. Your success is the Universe’s success and vice versa, as you are one and the same. The Universe’s every movement is but part of a magnificent symphony composing its perpetuity, which means success is guaranteed. What is “failure” but a road sign to take another route because there is still time to do so? You have all the time in the world. All paths have led you to this moment–a newly opened mind. Contemplate what a miracle your life is. Ask how you might be of service to the Universe rather than in service to the self. Perhaps your definition of success is self-limiting, whereas you are capable of greater vision and a grander version of yourself. Starting your day with meditation is a magnificent way to open the door to your infinite self and infinite possibility. — The Universe


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