Dear Universe: We are in a crisis! Children are being gunned down like ducks at the carnival and lawmakers and government officials are turning a blind eye! I am enraged at the cowardliness of our elected officials to say enough is enough. I own guns, but I’m not opposed to restrictions. Why is no one but the children doing anything about it? I know it’s more than just guns (mental health), but what should this country be doing?  ~ Dumbfounded, Louisville

Dear Genius: In this country’s collective conscious memory, gun ownership equates to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness along with freedom from tyranny. Guns are the how behind the why of the rise of modern America. Used to thwart English and the French invaders, guns (and bombs) then rid foreign lands of their occupiers during the World Wars. A primitive form of self-protectionism, there are more evolved ways to secure freedom. If you don’t evolve, the same energy you thought brought your freedom becomes another form of tyranny. Besides being in the pocket of gun manufacturers, elected officials feel it is political suicide to take a stand on the divisive issue. The question to ask is why aren’t the grown-ups doing anything about it? Change simply requires an inactive body of peoples to take action. Grown-ups can begin by picking the low-hanging fruit, demanding the banning of bump stocks, semi- and assault weapons. Next, offset some of the negative social benefits of gun ownership by licensing and insuring all guns. Fees can go toward gun ownership training, liability damage awards, improved universal background checks, and mental health programs. It’s a beginning until the human species moves beyond ignorance, fear, and personal selfishness. In an evolved society, gun ownership is seen for what it is–an illusion of safety–and no longer necessary. Until all human life is valued as a miraculous gift, guns will exist. It’s love that gives life and its freedoms, not fear. Be the love that you by being the change you wish to see.