Dear Universe: I don’t know what to do. All the shootings in the news have me jumpy all the time. I’m scanning crowds looking for strange people who might want to hurt me. You see this is very difficult for me. I am Muslim. ~ Baaz, USA

Dear Baaz: Stop watching the news and limit your time on the Internet. Most media centers around negativity and extremism rather than the mainstream world filled with amazing wonders and beautiful human beings. Your anxiety is telling you that mind/body/Spirit are out of balance. You can restore balance in your life by taking daily walks outdoors. Nature is always in perfect harmony and will help you to reestablish equilibrium. You should immediately begin to feel better. Other recommended activities include taking time each day to be mindful through gratitude exercises. Recall all the people and things in your life you are grateful for. Volunteerism opens one’s eyes to an invisible community doing good behind the scenes 24/7. Finally, meditation and yoga are also excellent for establishing balance. You may continue to experience intense feelings of anxiety as you make lifestyle changes. When it arises, it’s helpful to remember that it is just excess energy that has pooled into your survival chakra–like a cramp. The most effective way to release the energy is to sit quietly with it, allowing yourself to feel the energy intensely. You’ll notice after a short amount of time the intensity fades of its own accord–like a cramp. If you feel none of these techniques are helpful and the feelings are intensifying, please seek professional help. All of Creation is supporting your highest good and wants you to thrive. Once balance returns, you will see this is true. It’s your responsibility to take good care of the gift of life you’ve been given.  — The Universe


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