Dear Universe: In philosophy it is said that the only question to seriously contemplate is whether or not to commit suicide. What are your thoughts on this? ~ Bob

Dear Bob: Let’s go back to basics. Creation by self-definition is infinite expression–in other words TO BE. As such, perpetuity through sustainability is Creation’s primordial (and only) value. LIFE. In the third dimension, there appear to be conditions of illusory duality i.e., day/night, good/evil, life/death. Yet, all are in service of one thing. LIFE. To put one’s focus on death is to put your attention on an illusion. You’ll always run into a “dead end” because it’s not sustainable. Instead, rock your world by observing LIFE beyond ego’s (also illusory) obsession with death. Tap into Universal Consciousness by taking your attention off the “little self” for the expanded grand version of Self via meditation, nature walks, service to others… LIFE. What a miracle you and all of Creation are!


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