Dear Universe: I keep trying to figure out my life, but every time I finally get a foothold or seem to have something going good for me, life throws me a curve and destroys what I’ve been building. I just want to have the nice things my friends have, a boat, a fishing pole, you know. Is my life my own or is everything predestined? Why do I bother trying? ~ BDP, Ohio

Dear BDP: It all has to do with energy fields really. Humans are coalescent energy resonance patterns of consciousness. In 3D that equates to mind, body, and spirit, but in reality, you are so much more–because there are more than three dimensions. Some energy patterns rotate slowly, hardly changing form throughout their entire lives, while others are like tornadoes, rotating so quickly, they experience upheaval in their lives and the world around them quite dramatically. Neither one is any better or worse, but is part of Creation’s perfect mechanism of perpetuity. Let’s start from the beginningless beginning for a big picture view. In a karma question, it was explained that everything in the Universe is connected. The bigger component to this is that life is all already written. Perform a thought experiment to see if this is true. If by self-definition Creation is infinite, then infinite expression always exists NOW. Life appears to flow through time and that there are cause and effect, but it’s an illusion. Movement is the physical experience of the fractal arrangement of Creation. Your life is already written. It doesn’t mean you quit bothering, it means you can relax. Unilaterally trying to control your life takes the joy out of it. Return to your natural state of happiness by pulling the oars in your boat and see where life takes you. Wishing for somebody else’s life is a waste of time. Realize that you are vital to all of Creation or you wouldn’t be here! This is where you derive your life’s purpose and meaning. Though there will be rough patches, if you watch, signposts of opportunity will appear in your field of awareness. They were always there. This is when you act. Follow your heart, even if it doesn’t seem to immediately lead you where you want to go. It’s part of your journey. Maybe you get a bigger boat, maybe you don’t. In any case, you won’t change boats until you appreciate the one you have. Living mindfully and meditation will help you experience relaxation, gratitude, and love. All are key to the living the life that is called Bob to its greatest potential. Now that’s a big boat! — The Universe



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