Dear Universe: I agree with Former President Obama that social media is dividing us. All everyone posts are their political views which doesn’t do anything but make us more divided. I wish Facebook had never been invented. Thoughts?  ~ Barry Fan, Chicago

Dear Barry Fan: Actually, he asked how do we use technology to allow for diversity while also finding common ground.  Context is everything. The Internet and social media are neutral. It is how you choose to interact with it that gives it a predominantly positive or negative shot of energy–love, fear, or something even more powerful. For example, say you view a post steeped in hateful bigotry. In your world, the post is neutral unless you engage. Giving it zero energy, it remains neutral and even disappears from your mind. All change in the world begins within. When you add your hatred to the energy of the post, you inadvertently lengthen its life. You can’t solve a problem with the same energy that created it, right? Neutrality is more powerful than either a positive or negative response. It’s the power to make things disappear. Another name for this is unconditional love. Most humans don’t have the capacity to understand this, but science will soon make it easier.