Dear Universe: Will I ever find pure, unconditional love in another human being? ~ Lois, Glendale, AZ

Dear Lois: Unconditional love and personal love are two different dimensions or realms of love, though interconnected and inseparable. Unconditional love is all-encompassing and completely impersonal. It’s not human love which is conditional and limited. Unconditional love envelopes the Universe like a blanket of ecstasy–even right now. Few humans experience unconditional love because the body is limited in handling such an expansive vibration of consciousness, though it’s possible for you to glimpse it. Experiencing any kind of love begins by going within to discover who you really are. You ARE the same substance of orgasmic love that IS and created the entire Universe. Allow your body to become an open vessel, marveling at what you are. Be love and love yourself! You will begin to open like a flower to experience higher frequencies of love, likewise attracting a comparable mate.