Dear Universe: Recently a New Yorker was on vacation scuba diving off the coast of Coast of Costa Rica. She was attacked and killed by a tiger shark. Obviously, you scuba dive at your own risk, but what caught my notice was that the guide said the shark was overly aggressive and the behavior was exceptional. I guess I want to know why some people are killed randomly while others survive great tragedies, disfigured to the point I sure wouldn’t want to live. It just doesn’t make sense. ~ Dubois, New York City

Dear Dubois: It isn’t a shark, cancer, a gunman, or a heart-attack that kills you. It’s death. The dance between the shark and the tourist was a mutual one. Her energetic signature spoke death, the shark picked it up, charging in aggressively rather than just out of curiosity. Oversimplifying, the Universe is always in perfect balance. Life is brought forth through death. Stars young and old are swept into a black whole to be reborn as another energy form. Understand? Yet, no death or tragedy is not without purpose–to raise consciousness. Raising consciousness is Creation making love in perpetuity. You are that love. Do not fear death for it’s the moment of your birth!