Dear Universe: If the so-called Law of Attraction works, then why does it only work sometimes, or for some people? Why wouldn’t things be getting a whole better for everybody? ~ Sanja, Greece

Dear Sanja: Yes and no. The Law of Attraction works, but not in the context that most people understand. As part of the illusion of separation, there is the illusion of personal will–that an individual can unilaterally impose one’s will on the rest of Creation. What manifests in the world of form does so because it is for the good of the whole of itself, or is sustainable toward its perpetuity. To make things more complicated, infinite expression does exist but isn’t necessarily experienced in all dimensions. Take for example a unicorn. Think of one now. It exists in your mind within the first dimension as your thought, which is consciousness. Draw the same unicorn. It now also exists in the second dimension. But, does it exist in the third dimension? Might it exist in the 5th dimension or other dimensions? Going back to the root discussion, the rules of Creation appear to invert in different dimensions. How one perceives things work in separation consciousness is its opposite in higher dimensions of consciousness. In unity consciousness, you will see that “will” is manifesting through you, as you–not by you. In that sense, you must BE what you wish to experience. However, Creation is holistically causal. When will manifests through you and you simultaneously desire it to happen, your desire is actually the precognition of what’s to come. Relax and enjoy it! — The Universe


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