Dear Universe: It seems that political correctness has been in fashion for a while now, but it’s being taken too far, in my opinion. Is it more valuable for people to speak their truth, even if it hurts people so we can clear up differences? Or should people be allowed to use it to prevent others from speaking? ~ Bill, IN, USA

Dear Bill: Political correctness is a form of censorship. Its original intent was a demonstration by humanity that we were finally maturing slightly as a species. Maybe we shouldn’t throw barbed words at each other. This would be considered a positive benefit. If you begin to use political correctness to restrict your own or others’ freedom of speech, misuse has just accessed its negative charge or benefit. Let us replace political correctness with response-ability. A higher level of intelligence, or consciousness, there is no need to censor the self or others. Regardless of what others say to you directly or indirectly, you choose not to react from a defensive posture. Taking a moment to consider what has been said, your response can then become “in service of,” rather than destructive to the process. Response-ability is a skill that must be taught and practiced. It can be cultivated through mindfulness and meditation. — The Universe



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