Dear Universe: A certain talk show host recently did a bang-up job for race relations using the n-word that launched another round of finger-pointing. Why can’t we figure this thing out? Are we really racist at heart?

Universe: Racism is a symptom of an underlying disease as a byproduct of the “veil” of separation. The disease is a lack of love for one another beginning with a lack of love for the self as a result of the failure to remember who you really are. What was said picked at the scab of a wound trying to heal even if it was meant as a colloquialism within a segment of the human community. There are two take-aways that are all you need to know. The first addresses the symptom. Racism is not a one-sided problem. It is a continuous feedback loop of lack of self-love when fed. Breaking it down–the use of derogatory speech i.e. N-word by any party is a lack of self-respect that picks at the wound. Want a different result? Try love. If you want love, be love, if you want respect. Be respect. If you want freedom, set yourself free. Finally, pierce the veil of the illusion of separation into higher consciousness to see who you really are as a brilliant, loved, and fully supported point of light within the Universe or Creation! You ARE the light! Know you are the light you seek in the world and the world will fall at your feet in recognition as we honor one another, finally realizing true equality–we ALL are brilliant points of light. Remember, remember . . . Remember who you really are, dear one.


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