Dear Universe: People will say they are spiritual and not religious now quite a bit. What is the difference between the two? I thought they were the same thing. ~ Sara, UK

Dear Sara: Religion and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. However, in general, religion is the byproduct of separation consciousness while spirituality comes from unity consciousness. In religion, one’s God, temple, and savior is external–separate from you. A spiritual being has found all these things within. It has been seen that the illusion of separation is the veil itself. Illusions are not real. One can be religious and feel very spiritual. The intellect, still caught in culture and conditioning, just hasn’t yet followed the heart to fully accept that true separation is not possible in any way. Once the realization is complete, the need for religion falls away. You are then in communion with everything around you, even people that are still caught up in separation consciousness because you have found union within. It is seen that it’s all God as infinite expression–and all love. Meditation, spending time in nature, silent contemplation all lend toward a faster transition from separation to unity consciousness. You will laugh in wonder at how the conditioned mind kept you veiled from the obvious. — The Universe


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