Dear Universe: Is it really necessary to remember the past so we don’t repeat it? It seems to be nothing but a chronology of battle dates that are a complete waste of my time ~ Joey, USA

Dear Joey: It’s necessary to revisit the past only if you didn’t learn its lessons. Greater is the master of the present moment, where all past and future are derived. The reality is that the present moment is all there ever is, was, or ever shall be. This is in alignment with the understanding that if Creation is infinite expression, all exists in perpetuity in every moment of NOW. If your attention is not on the present moment i.e. you’re reliving the past or imagining a future based on the past, you deny yourself the gift of this moment. This moment is filled with infinite possibility as long as you remain open to it. As soon as you leave the present moment, life becomes groundhog day over and over again. The story details change slightly, but the theme remains the same. Gift yourself the present through your presence. Marvel in wonder at your life and the world around you. You will begin to see how miraculous all of life is and that it is all working for your good. — The Universe


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