Dear Universe: I’ve been on a spiritual journey forever it seems like. My life fell apart and I lost everything–the usual story. But, I got it. I see that everything is God and that we are all one. What bothers me is that my life still hasn’t come back together. I have no desire to save the world, no desire to do much of anything, least of all participate in the insanity any longer. It seems like other people who have gone through the process are doing better than me. What’s wrong with me? ~ Jerry, USA

Dear Jerry: The transition from separation to unity consciousness is evolution in process, or what humans call grace. It is Creation in perpetual motion. The continued suffering you are experiencing is the conditioned mind thinking it knows better than the awakened heart. It will continue to nag you until you have fully integrated into unity consciousness. The transition requires you to be fully present, which is why most people go through an intense phase where they pull away entirely from the world. The world doesn’t need to be saved, and it doesn’t need you to return to materialism. No two journeys alike, continue to accept the gift you’ve been given, and are, by allowing Creation to carry you safely to your next harbor. Service to humankind is a natural extension of unity consciousness. Volunteering in some capacity may bring you joy. Notice that what’s next takes care of itself. Mindfulness and meditation will keep you immersed in present moment awareness and in the joyful wonder of being alive that is your true nature. — The Universe

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