Dear Universe: Since I can only ask one question at a time, you knew I was going to come back and ask. Then what the heck is evil? ~ Sushi Girl, USA

Dear Sushi Girl: Going back to our previous discussion, God is Creation itself as the energy of love. Let’s begin with the human definition of evil and then we will discuss what evil really is. Most human beings define evil as an external, unnatural force that temps beings to do harm to other beings. There are many fascinating cultural stories about evil and the personification of evil via a devil or angels gone rogue. Everything is God, which means that God is also the third dimension. A condition of the third dimension is relativity. If there is up, there is down; negative and positive charges in atoms; light/dark, and everything in between. Creation eternally creates. In 3D, if energy is never created or destroyed, then it is recycled. As part of the cycle of Creation, other aspects of creation are being destroyed as part of the process. Destruction is not a separate force, it is Creation itself, in process. That may be a little hard to wrap your mind around. When you see destruction occur as part of Nature, it seems to normal to you. When you see beings being destructive on purpose in ways that are inconceivable, it is frightening. Yet, it exists as part of Creation’s self-definition of infinite expression. Because humans believe in higher forces of good and evil that are separate from them, humans will give credit to or blame an outside force instead of taking responsibility. It’s a maturity issue. Regardless, destruction is part of the process of Creation making love in 3D. The greater one is lost in separation consciousness, the more destructive they are to themselves and the whole. The suffering that arises is the impetus and the invitation for one to expand into unity consciousness. Out of every human atrocity good arises. A heart breaks wide open, there is compassion, there is love. Creation could not continue into perpetuity if this were not true. It is all God, and it is all love, including you. It may sound impersonal, but it is also personal and should give you pause to ponder how and what you are contributing to the world. Are you taking responsibility for your life or are you living reactively? Are you being constructive or destructive? You are far more powerful than you realize!  — The Universe


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