Dear Universe: Where did music come from? I know we use it to move our emotions, but what is it exactly and how did we invent it?

Universe: You think you invented music? Music is the language of the universe. It is information and communication in synergistic motion. It moves the soul because it is more complex than thought which is first dimensional communication, or word which is two-dimensional communication. Music involves up to 11 dimensions that the five senses and the brain can process into infinity through our metaphysical senses. “Harmony” is the Universe’s nature–bigger picture–Creation’s natural state. It’s so beautiful and inspiring because you are glimpsing a larger piece of the wholistic pie of Life that is the pure energy of love. Nirvana. In the third dimension of relativity, the energy of music appears to have waves of highs and lows which effects the emotions the way all energy effects the body, emotions, etc. So do weather patterns. Humans didn’t invent music anymore than you invented math. You created a symbolic language to interpret it.


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