Dear Universe: What is the meaning of Christmas Spirit? Is it goodwill toward men? ~ Victoria, USA

Dear Victoria: Yes, Christmas Spirit is goodwill toward all beings. Spirit is unmanifest or formless unity consciousness. To be filled with Spirit is to be filled with the energy of love which then manifests physically through good deeds. Christ is unity consciousness in the flesh. You can tap into the Christmas Spirit or unity consciousness at will, not just during the holiday season. Imagine the love flowing in your heart all year long, that every day is special. Wouldn’t you like that? If every individual took ten minutes at the beginning of the day and ten minutes at the end of the day to silently reflect upon the world with a sense of wonder and gratitude, there would be no war. It is never too late to begin this practice and make it part of your family’s daily life. The rewards of mindfulness and meditation are miraculous. — The Universe



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