Dear Universe: What is karma? My grandma talks about it all the time like it’s voodoo or something. Or is it that do unto others saying? ~ Dave, USA

Dear Dave: Karma is the very real and very scientific energetic process of Creation… Creation-ing. All of Creation is energy. Never destroyed, Creation/energy is forever in a state of coupling (making love) with itself–its own power source–ensuring its perpetuity. Every atom affects and is affected by other atoms. Every human affects and is affected by other humans. Every galaxy affects and is affected by other galaxies, and so forth. There is not a breath nor blink of an eye that doesn’t affect the cosmic whole. Therefore, there is nothing you do that doesn’t affect the cosmos. This is your karma. There is no separation. All is connected and is One. This is difficult for the human mind to comprehend. In relativity, this is expressed as doing/action. Beyond relativity, it is seen as a state of being–and beyond that, emptiness. Are you living your life mindfully, aware that you contain the power of Creation within you? Do your thoughts, words, and actions reflect your awareness that we are One? Are you in service to the One or are you creating divisiveness, which equates to self-created suffering? All human existential angst is derived from the singular belief that we are separate from one another and all of Creation. — The Universe



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