Dear Universe: I’m pretty sure the zombie apocalypse has arrived! It seems facts are meaningless and that all reason has gone out the window in the year 2017. My once closest friend looks at me with eyes glazed over when I list facts that counter her ridiculous notions about politics, morality, science, etc. I’m angry enough to end our friendship, but then I realize I’m behaving just as irrationally as she is. How can I get through to her?  ~ Stupefied in Michigan

Dear Stupefied: Your emotional response illustrates the following explanation, but in short, it’s a level of consciousness. Your brain is continually processing data gathered by your physical/metaphysical senses. The more unconscious one is, the less information or data is accessed before forming conclusions. The smaller the window, the less light can enter. One then relies on emotions and imagination which carry a stronger energetic charge than facts alone. If you had stopped at emotion, you’d have lost a friend. Instead, you expanded your awareness or consciousness, gathering more data before making such a hasty decision. If you open your heart, the biggest window of all, you and your friend will have no trouble at all. Believe it or not, you have the ability and access to all information in the Universe. Just inquire and open wide.


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