Dear Universe: I know there are many reasons why people get married and then divorced, but what do you think is the main reason?

Universe: Lack of devotion to one another is the primary reason. In separation consciousness where fear still dominates behavioral patterns, you must spend undivided time with one another away from technology, children, work, etc. making love on a daily basis. Making love is not just intercourse, but is time spent in one another’s presence in a state of loving tenderness, respect, and relaxed joyfulness. Words aren’t even necessary. “Hanging out” enjoying each other’s company–caresses, smiles, showing appreciation in whatever ways the other person enjoys. These activities counteract, stress, recriminations, annoying habits, etc. reminding one another that your union is more important than any temporary difficulty or circumstance. Without devotion to one another, all one sees are the problems. In a state of unity consciousness, you realize you are already complete. Physical union with another person is seen a gift that may last the remainder of one’s corporal life or not. Either way, “separation” is not actually possible as we are all one, so there are far less fear and stress. Love, devotion, and respect are always present. Love is therefore unconditional, hence there is freedom. With freedom comes responsibility. By taking full responsibility for yourself (rather than blaming), the factors that lead to separation reduce tremendously.


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